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Athanasios Lazarou is a filmmaker, photographer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist from Athens, Greece. Having graduated from Berklee College of Music with a BM in Film Scoring, he hopes to expand his knowledge of orchestral writing and the art of storytelling through music. 


His interests lie heavily in the film industry and he plans to combine his widespread interest in music and the visual arts by directing and scoring his own films. In the meantime, he has worked professionally for almost a decade producing music videos, promo videos, advertisements, social media videos, and more both in the US and in Europe.


Over half a decade ago he began working with leather, fabric, and metal, and has since developed his skills in leatherworking, tailoring, and knifemaking. He has created custom coats, armor, bags, belts, and more, for use both practically and as part of a costume.

Currently based in Nashville, TN. Willing to travel anywhere.


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