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All my belts are made out of a single, solid strip of authentic cowhide vegetable-tanned leather of the highest quality. Tough, rugged, and built to last, these belts are handmade to order and specifically tailored to your personal vision.

I'd love to work with you to design and create exactly the belt you're looking for. Contact me at for a quote and to discuss the details of your project!

Hand Stitched Dress Belt

A simple, stylish dress belt saddle stitched by hand along the edges for added strength and finesse.

Stitched Belt
athanasios lazarou's hand-stitced vegetable tanned leather dress belt

Dress Belt

Simple and subtle, this dress belt will work with just about any wardrobe.

Dress Belt
Floral Lace Belt
athanasios lazarou's hand tooled vegetable tanned leather floral belt with lacing

Floral Lace Belt

Hand-carved and tooled, this floral belt, with its eye-catching lace flower design will undoubtedly be a fine addition to your wardrobe.

Floral Belt

Hand-tooled, a simple yet unique floral belt that's tougher than it looks.

Floral Belt

Pirate Belt

Skeleton Pirate captains, ships tossed by waves, a map leading to treasure... this pirate belt will have you yearning for the open seas!

Pirate Belt
athanasios lazarou's hand tooled carved pirate belt with pirate seletons and ships in storms
athanasios lazarou's hand tooled carved pirate belt map scene with a ship navigating a torm to find the treasure

Studded Belt

With a row of gunmetal studs running along its length, this stylish belt with simple floral embellishments is ready for any night out.

Studded Belt

Mythical Creature Belt

Freehand carved and tooled, a mythical belt for any avid fantasy fan!

Mythical Creatue Belt
athanasios lazarou's hand tooled carved vegetable tanned leathr belt wth a sea serpent and mythical creature theme
athanasios lazarou's hand tooled carved vegetable tanned leather belt with a hero knight ready to take on any dangerous creatures

Latin Text Belt

As all belts I make, this custom order was hand-tooled; this belt features embossed Latin text and two unique logos on either end.

Latin Text Belt

Simple Belt

Simple but functional, this belt is solid and sturdy and sure to last you a lifetime.

Simpe Belt
athanasios lazarou's simple vegetable tanned leather belt

Other Belts

A few of the other belts I've made.

Other Belts
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