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Welcome to my leatherwork gallery! Feel free to browse the various leather items I've made, and reach out to me with any questions or commissions.

Altair Armor Set

Altair's complete set of armor from the game Assassin's Creed.

Altair Armor

Altair Armor Set: Full Gallery

I constructed the complete set of armor from scratch for a client in the US.

Laptop Bag

A laptop bag I designed and hand-made for a client.

Laptop Bag


Laptop Bag: Complete

Photos of the completed laptop bag I designed to fit a macbook pro and A4 papers.

Laptop Bag: In Progress

Photos of the design and construction process of this laptop bag.

Small Red Purse

A small red purse I made for a friend, my first attempt at ever designing and constructing a purse.

Small Red Purse

Small Red Purse

A gallery of photos including both completed and work in progress (WIP) photos.